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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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It's nice when something lives up to your expectation...
chris fall by rainbowkisses31
The episode of Jonas that I've been waiting on popped up early on Disney on Demand...and you know I couldn't not watch!'

Tonight's episode popped up early on my Disney on Demand, so I went ahead and watched it:

I thought it was pretty good, but I'm all about Joe/Stella. But there were some pretty funny moments in there, like Kevin being a cheerleader...and admitting he likes women's clothing. LOL! Also a funny moment with Joe trying to get advice on how to deal with Stella from Kevin and Nick, with Joe spinning an entire scenario out of Nick's, "Well..."

The Macy story was pretty small, just her trying to turn a guy into Nick via a wig and plaid shirt, and a "Book of Nick" instruction manual. There was one funny moment where Nick and his doppleganger met.

As for Joe and Stella, it looks like it's going to be a requited love that they can't do anything about. I expected them to just have Joe realizing, "Hey, I like Stella" with Stella remaining oblivious, but in this episode they both admitted that they liked each other, and wanted to date each other, but they thought they couldn't go down that road and risk the band or their friendship (even though Joe did nod "Yes" when Stella asked him if dating her was worth the risk, but changed his answer to match Stella's.) At the end we got them looking longingly at each other in the hallways at school, so hopefully next week Stella won't be all "Van Dyke is the BEST EVER" since that wouldn't make sense with this episode.

I do wish they'd go down the Kevin/Macy road, but I can see it might be awkward until they tone down the Jonas Superfan status with her character. But it sounds like she'll be helping the others get Joe out of a jam in a future ep, so maybe that'll be an opportunity for the guys to continue seeing her as a friend more than a fan.

But I'm still watching it tonight in HD! LOL! It's my favorite episode so far, I believe.