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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Snagged from faninohio

Say "words!" in the comments and I'll respond with 5 words that I associate with you. Write something about them in your LJ.

Her words for me were:

1.loyal: I always kind of wonder why people choose this word about me, because I don't think I'm exceptionally loyal--not more than anyone else would be, I guess. I just do what I do, and if you're my friend, I try to always have your back. Because I think the worst thing a friend can do is not have your back, and it's happened to me before, so I try not to do that to anyone else.

I'm not as loyal to my fandom crushes though--those change all the time! LOL!

2.Jensen (I know you still love him!): I AM JENSEN'S #1 HATER! LOL! No, seriously...I don't have a problem with Jensen. I think he's a pretty talented actor, and I'm not sure I could see anyone else playing Dean. I don't think I'd want to jump him anymore, but I'd totally go out have a beer, and shoot the shit with him.

No matter what though, Jensen will always remind me of watching some of those crazy DOOL storylines. LOL!

3. Swimmers: All the way back in...1984-1992...I was all about Matt Biondi. Mmmm....my first swimcrush. Then all the hooplah in 2004 sucked me back in again and I've been following it ever since. I sort of got out of it hardcore--as in going to meets and stuff--when most of my faves started retiring, but I still keep up with it. It's a great sport, a lot of fun to watch--I mean, a lot of guys with perfect bodies half naked? What would be better than that? But also the swimmers work really hard, and are really nice and down to earth people. They should get more attention than they do.

4.edits: Hahah! I do edit comments a lot! Most of the time, I'm just editing to change my icon, because I didn't mean to use the default one, etc. Other times it's just because I need to add something to make it more clear that I'm joking, or because I came up with a funnier way to phrase something. And if it's not those, it's usually spelling--if I have a typo or something, I usually try to correct those.

Stanley:He's my kid, he just happens to have four legs and a tail. So even at the end of the day, when he's driving me crazy, shitting all over my car(which only happened once, but that was enough!) or costing me thousands of dollars in medical bills, he's still my kid. So I do it, because he's my little guy. I've had him since he was 9 weeks old, so he only knows getting spoiled by me. LOL!

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words! I need a good idea for a post.

Let's see---Rosenbaum, writing, movies, cooking, DragonCon

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