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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I now have an iphone.

However I walked in meaning to spend $260 and spent $343 after I added the case, and then a $25 iTunes card because it came with a free charger. *sigh*

So now I need to clean up my Blackberry and see if I can get anything for it on Ebay or something.

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Goodbye to Chuck Bass! What will the iPhone be called?

Aww that makes me sad. The end of Chuck Bass. :(

I think the new guy's name is gonna be Castiel but I'm not sure yet. He'll have to let me know what he wants to be called.

Yay! I love my iPhone! I can't wait to hear what apps you get.

Well ya'll will have to fill me in on some good ones. Right now I just have a Twitter app. So let me know what are some cool ones! :)

For games, I have Word Search, Tap Tap Revenge, Unblock Me, Shanghai Mahjong, Sol Free Solitaire, and Sudoku.

Here are the others that I have that I use the most: Facebook, Pandora Radio, Sale Price, SciFi Wire Reader, Twitterific, Shazam, and AirYell.

I'm very jealous! I want an iphone!

Aww...well they do still have the 8GB iPhone 3G (I got the 16MB 3GS) for $99. I guess the only difference is the memory and the 3GS is a little faster, but that's it. The 3GS shoots video, but my friend Suz has a 3G and she just does a jailbrake on it and she can get all the other functions that mine has, pretty much.

But I will tell you--battery life sucks if you use a lot of apps/web surfing. I only had to charge Chuck every 3 days or so...this I've half drained in a day.

Well, it's more the matter that I have Verizon and not AT&T. I'd totally get one if the iphone had switched service to Verizon.

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