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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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How you doin'?
chris mens journal
I just kinda realized, with all my recent JoBros natterings (which, I do know nobody on my flist is interested in except me, so I understand if ya'll don't read them. If scrolling past gets to be irritating, I can make them private...just let me know) I'm feeling hugely disconnected from all of you on my friends list. Even though I've had some stuff to post--real life stories and whatnot--I kinda get distracted by other stuff, which just makes the disconnect worse. I feel like I haven't talked to any of you in forever--I used to email or IM with people, and now I haven't done any of that. Except for the people on my Twitter, I know nothing about anyone on my flist and vice versa!

So...tell me...how are ya'll doing? What's new, interesting, funny, or weird in your life?

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Hey, Shannen! I've been good! I'm very excited about Torchwood being on this week. It has been hard to stay away from the spoilers but so far I've been successful. Last night's episode was awesome and I can't wait for tonight's.

I've been seeing a bunch of Torchwood stuff posted around--I don't really watch it so I have no idea what they're about, but they seem to be spoilery. So I imagine it's been tough to stay away, because I seem to see them everywhere!!!

I went ahead and continued to spoil myself for SPN, but I think I might try to avoid spoilers for Glee. I won't freak if I see them, just won't actively seek them like I do for SPN.

I know we don't know each other very well (or at all, outside of the staying-together-at-Eyecon thing), but... sure, why not? *grins*

My boyfriend and I had the moving in together discussion last night and it looks like we're going to go for it in the relatively near future (we're going to work out a game plan when I see him next week). I'm twelve kinds of nervous because I've never lived away from my parents before, let alone in another state (he's in Illinois, I'm in Florida). But I'm also really, really excited. I guess those are the two most common emotions in this situation. :)

Anyway, that's about it on my end!

Wow--that's a huge move, Florida to Illinois! Big change, but you know what--sometimes that can be good. And it's good that you guys talked it out first, because that way you both are on the same page.

Make sure to get some winter clothes! It gets cold up here in the winter! LOL!

Josh and I have amazing communication skills. It helps that we were best friends for a long time before we ever became an Us, you know? :)

Gah, I know! I was up there in January right before that epic blizzard hit and I was freezing! *laughs* I'll have to learn to drive in winter, too...

We'll have to make a YIM date soon!

I totally know what you mean about the disconnect, cause I've been feeling the same way. Of course, it's mainly cause a lot of crappy/scary stuff is going on in my RL right now so I've been PURPOSEFULLY trying to keep away a little bit, but yeah.

Yeah, although mine is mostly for fun stuff, just kind of enjoying this fun little summer fandom fling without actually being in a fandom. But I haven't been keeping up with much on the fandoms I'm actually in, so it feels like I haven't spoken to anyone on my flist in forever!

But I understand wanting to keep the RL stuff away, especially if LJ is the place you go to escape from that.

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