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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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*points at faninohio
chris mens journal
Fail! Why didn't you post that 17 Again was coming out on DVD/Blue Ray on August 11th??????

I count on you to keep me up to date on Zefron, damn it!!

But now this means when _sin_attract comes up at the end of August, we'll be able to watch it! And I'm totally getting it on Blu Ray! That way while everyone else is in Vancouver, we can spend our weekend gawking at Zefron in the highest definition available!

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Maybe you should pay more attention to my journal!

I had to order a Blu Ray/DVD combo pack just to get the DVD with the bonus features, the bastards! I figure one day I'll have a Blu Ray player though.

This news was important enough to need a separate post! LOL!!!

You should invest in Blu Ray if you have an HD TV--the prices on players have really come down. Mine was only $200, but I wanted a Samsung since that's what my TV is. But seems like nearly every week in the ads I see some store has at least one player on sale for under $150.

Plus it upconverts your old DVDs to HD quality too. I didn't notice as big of a jump with that since I already had an upconvert player, but if you have a regular DVD player you'll notice the difference.

I don't even have a flat panel TV yet. I'm a long way from Blu Ray. :)

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