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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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If you want to own a piece of Supernatural....
chris mens journal
Sandy McCoy is selling the dress she wore as the Crossroad Demon in season three.

And yes, it's legit--that is her Ebay seller account.

FYI, if you're tiny, she's got a lot of cute clothes for sale for cheap. She's also selling a $5000 pair of diamond earrings for less than $500 (I assume she's getting rid of them because Jared gave them to her, since they're about three years old and she says she needs to sell them for "sentimental reasons") so you might find some good stuff on some of her other auctions.

Wish she'd sell some more designer handbags--I need a new purse, and she usually has cute ones cheap!

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Did you see the date on that letter... it looks like it's Feb 10th... I wonder what he got her for Valentines Day that year? ;)

Cute stuff, but even if I was small enough, I'm not short enough to wear it either!

I just hope she isn't selling all this stuff cause she's broke.

I don't think she's selling it for financial reasons--she's not selling stuff for enough if she were!

She's been selling stuff on Ebay for a while now, so I think she just occasionally cleans out her closet and puts stuff up to get rid of it. And I think some of the stuff she's selling off because it's remnants of her relationship with Jared--she's sold off several pieces of expensive jewelry for next to nothing, and they're always pieces that she acquired during their relationship and she always says sentimental reasons are why she's selling it. Which makes sense--I totally don't buy the story that she and Jared are still friends.

YEah, if they were still friends she wouldn't need to sell it. She could think that her 'friend' just gave them to her.

I wonder if she ships to Canada, because I really like some of her stuff...

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