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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Adventures in Shopping!
chris mens journal
So...I was woken up this morning at 5AM kind of rudely by Stanley deciding it would be a great time to barf on the bed. Not a lot, just enough. So I get up, clean that up, and instead of getting up I sleep through my alarm and don't wake up until 6:40. Oops! I need to leave at 7:10!

Anyway, at work today, I decided that Stanley's barfing on my bed was a sign that he too is sick of looking at my current bedding ensemble. Nothing's wrong with it, it's just....there. I've had it for a while, and it was getting boring.

See, I change bedding like most people change shoes. I can open my closet, and it's like Bed Bath and Beyond in there. I've thrown away more bedding than most people probably buy. I just love the feel of brand new bedding. I miss the days when hotels would strip your bed every night and put on clean sheets. Even though they weren't *new*, it was close enough.

But, I probably have not bought any bedding since....maybe a year? Two things led to this drought. 1)Linens N Things went out of business. I loved LNT. I preferred it over Bed Bath and Beyond, plus it was closer to my house. And they would honor BB&B coupons. 2)Target decided for some reason to have a huge decline in the quality of their bedding. Seriously, they used to carry cute, stylish, affordable bedding. Now all they carry are old lady prints or garish blinding colors perfect for a tween. Neither of which am I.

I checked the larger Target today after work, and nope--still nothing. Because half the stuff on their website that might be cute isn't in the stores. *sigh*

Then I went next door to BB&B. And first I wanted something a little fun, like this (even though I already have a brown/pink bedding set) but when I got there it was SCREAMINGLY pink, so that was a no-go. I thought it looked a bit darker online, but it person it looked like Barbie threw up everywhere.

I kept browsing around. At one point I about told myself to just go to Macy's and buy the Calvin Klein Bamboo Flowers bedding that I'd been wanting for about 10 years now, but that's too rich for my blood. I mean, with the way I go through bedding? Just because I liked it for six years on Carrie Bradshaw's bed in Sex and the City doesn't mean I'll like it for 6 years on mine! LOL!

I found one bedding set I liked which was pale green with small white vines and leaves along the bottom part (so it would be at the foot of the bed) but it was $249.00, and also I've learned the hard way that dog jumping on bed + embroidery on bedding=shredded embroidery (another reason I never got the CK bedding.)

I found another one I really liked here and I do still like it and maybe one day I'll get it, but I didn't want white because...you know, Stanley has black hair. That would not be white very long! But I love the sheet color.

I decided on going back to the blue standby and liked this one but of course they didn't have it in queen.

So...in the end, I went with the cheap, $79.99 set here. Haha--it's called The Collins. Maybe it was fate! LOL! I'm sure it won't fit my bed perfectly because they aren't the deep sheets and my bed is super thick, but what else is new. Even the ones advertised as deep fitting don't fit my bed.

So now I have new bedding! Yay!

After dinner, I have to come back for part 2, which is my Walmart disaster on Sunday...

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Ooh, I like the one that is too white for Stanley! I have the same problem though - black cat, and also I am a slob. I always loved the bedding in the movie "Orlando" where Orlando's bed was a mass of different textures and patterns of white/cream.

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