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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
Really Fox...it's not that fracking hard to presell DVDs. Amazon does it every day.

After Fox pulled the Dollhouse Comic Con order site down to supposedly fix the problems, it finally came back up. So I thought I'd try one more time. I go in, order the Blu Ray....and after I submit it, it kicks me back to the ordering page.

I click on the pre-order button, and it tells me that "That buyer or pickup user has already purchased this title, sorry limited to 1 per customer."

Umm....except I didn't buy anything! I have no pending charge on my card, I have no confirmation email. And I see that this time I put my Yahoo email address (whereas before I was putting gmail) so they have no record of anything involved with my Yahoo address.

Which I guess means the people picking up the DVDs at the Con for you can't pick it up if they bought one themselves?? Doesn't that defeat the fracking purpose of someone picking it up for you?? I wouldn't ask someone to stand in a line unless they were already planning on standing in it!

This whole thing is so dumb. I'm officially declaring it the biggest clusterfuck on the internet so far in 2009. Fox just lost my sale. Jerks.

I'm totally planning on emailing my complaint to Fox Store.com. Because it's absolutely STUPID to say "You can buy it if you're not coming to Comic Con as long as someone can pick it up for you" and then put the restriction of "Oh, BTW that person can't be buying a copy themselves." But don't tell anyone that until....*checks watch*...7 hours after the sales were to start!

Why the frack they aren't tying it to the name of the person *buying*, or the credit card number, I have no idea. EPIC FAIL!

ETA: OMG THE EPIC FAIL CONTINUES! Now I have a charge from 20th Century Fox for $54....which would be fine, except I've been trying to order the damn Blu Ray not the DVDS!!! So now I have a $54 charge for the wrong item, no confirmation, and no way of knowing if I even have what I tried to order or how many more pendings will show up on my account.