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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I am so pissed off right now, I could scream. Or rip someone's head off, preferably Fox's website team!

I'm there, at 1PM, credit card at the ready, to pre-order my Comic Con Dollhouse DVD, because Shar was gonna pick it up for me. First, they make it all fucking complicated because you have to provide the name and contact info for the person picking it up, etc. But I had all that ready.

The website freakin' crashed, and didn't put up the orders for over 20 minutes.

Then, I finally get on to order, and it doesn't take the credit card, even though it says there are 4000 copies left between blu ray and dvd. I try again. I try about 10 more times, getting various fuckups such as:

1. Telling me it costs 49.99 when it's 69.99.
2. Website can't be found
3. Entire crashing of website

And then when I am able to submit orders, I keep getting the credit card error (which according to Whedonesque, a lot of people were getting.)

And now, it's all sold out.

FML. And fuck you, Fox.


ETA: Now it's saying not sold out, still won't take my order, and other people are reporting they're ending up with 10 and 15 pending charges on their cards because Fox can't sort out their shit. God, what an ass backwards clusterfuck this has turned into. Leave it to Fox.

ETA2: 4 more tries, four more failures. F-it, I'm done. I'll just get the regular one at Best Buy when it comes out and save myself $20.

ETA3: Someone at Whedonesque finally got through to Fox: "I just got off the phone with a Fox Store representative. He told me that they have been made aware of the problems by Fox Corporate and are advising all customers to continue to check back in to the website every 15-20 minutes, as they are working on fixing the problem now.

When I asked the rep about multiple charges pending on my credit card he told me not to worry as you won't be charged unless your order is confirmed, though he did advise me to stop trying to order the set until Fox announces that the problem is fixed."

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, check the comments out at Whedonesque:


It's a massive screw up. I keep getting the "Error Processing Your Card" every time, and so far no pending charges have shown up on my account even though there's plenty of money there.

Someone's saying Fox is now saying to stop ordering, because they're processing cards. So I imagine I'll have about 15 charges, and you'll get about 15 copies of my confirmation email sometime later today! LOL!

I can't believe what a mess this is.

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