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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I continue to sink lower....
chris mens journal
I did not write this Fandom Secret, but I could have. If I was 24. Which I'm not:

So whoever wrote that--I FEEL AND RELATE TO YOUR PAIN!!!

Seriously--I almost spent $4 to subscribe to Disney on Demand (and uhhh...I still might if they are bogarting HSM3 from Starz on Demand) just to rewatch all the Jonas eps.


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Heh, did you also subscribe to their YouTube channel so you could watch their music videos?

No, like that secret says, I don't have much interest in them outside of this TV show(except for laughing at Kevin being engaged and wondering when the next time Taylor Swift will call them out will be.) I'm not too interested in their music and stuff. Just the TV show so far.

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