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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
Pinkeye will clear up by itself, right? I mean, I don't *know* that's what I have, but my eyes have been bloodshot and glazy looking for a little over a week (since the 22nd, but it really got bad around the 24/25) and while it seems a little better (and the left eye is still a little worse than the right, but it's been that way from the beginning) they are still a little seepy, especially the left, with clear fluid. And it's a little crusty when I wake up. And the outer corner of my left eye is sore from it being wet all the time.

They don't itch that much--nothing where I'm digging and rubbing. I was wearing my contacts until they bothered me and then switching to my glasses, but over the past two or three days I've been wearing my glasses exclusively.

I don't have anything in my health insurance because we just started an HSA yesterday, so for the next couple of months until I get some money built up into the plan, it's like I have no health insurance. So I can't go to the doctor right away.