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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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To listen or not to listen....
So Stanley's been back on his regular food (California Naturals Lamb and Rice) and he seems to be OK with it, although of course he liked the $55 a bag prescription dog food a lot better.

I'm not as pleased with California Natural, just because I think they've changed their formula a bit--it looks different, and Stanley's...umm...well let's just say it's best to wait a day to pick up the poo in the backyard if you want to be neat about it. Yuk. Plus, they reduced the size of the bag by 5 pounds, but didn't reduce the price, of course. That five pounds makes a difference, because now I have to buy 2 large bags to make it through the month (or one *giant* bag, since they are the same price.)

So, I thought about putting him back on the professional grade Purina dog food, Purina Pro Plan. They have a formula for sensitive skin and stomachs, made with salmon. So I got that, but I also emailed the vet to ask her opinion before I fed it to him.

She doesn't think he should be on that, but that maybe I should switch to Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Venison food, which is a limited ingredient diet similar to his prescription food.

Which is fine (although now I have to take the Pro Plan food back) except remember back a year or two ago, the big dog food scare, where dog food was killing dogs? Natural Balance had one of those recalls from that.

I need to investigate further, to see if it was just canned food (which I don't use anyway) or dry kibble. I mean, I trust Stanley's derm vet...hell, she fixed him when other doctor's couldn't, and she's hasn't steered me wrong yet.

So...I dunno. I guess maybe I'll get a small bag and try it?

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The thing with Natural Balance was very weird (see here. I was feeding my cat the green pea and venison formula at the time and I ended up switching to Wellness Core which is more costly but if you go to Natural Balance's website and scroll down, they have a link to confirm testing of the food you buy. I think they are a good company and reacted to reports of problems with their food quickly. I'd give them a try. When money is tight I buy their food for my kitties (because the Wellness is so dang expensive, plus I have to buy special litter too due to my cat's skin problems).

That's good to know--I was hoping someone out there had some experience with their products and could yay or nay them.

I suppose I'll try it--he seemed to really like the prescribed food, and if this is similar I assume he'll like this one too.

I wish I could go back in time and totally *not* decide "Hey, I'll get this Purina One food at Target instead" because I suspect that is what kicked off this whole mess. There is one thing on his allergy test that he's allergic to which is in *everything*, including dog food. I guess it's just a matter of getting food that's more hypoallergenic than most.

Of course, it shouldn't surprise me--he is allergic to DOGS, as well as cats. Yes, I have a dog who is allergic...to himself.

Foster had many skin issues when he was a pup, and we've been very, very happy with the food our vet suggested: Nature's Recipe Venison & Rice.


I've heard of that one too--I'll check it out!

I don't know if the vet is thinking he shouldn't have rice (even though he's eating it now with no problems) because she keeps steering me to potato foods and not rice based. So...I dunno.

I'm just so hesitant to change because it's like he's *finally* back to normal. Playing and stuff. Yesterday I bought him a new stuffed toy, and he had it ripped open in like 5 minutes. I had to scrounge up some needle and thread and sew it back together (and all I had was red thread,and it's a white sheep, so that looks super awesome as you can imagine! LOL!)So he's definitely back to his old energy levels!

We've only fed the kitties Sciene Diet and *knock on wood* it's worked really well. What does the vet say about that?

I'm not a fan of Science Diet--that and Iams used to be the top go to dog foods, but now they've pretty much turned into grocery store brands. That's why I had expanded out into the holistic foods. My ex-roommate Jeremy is a pet food sales rep, and when he was working in a store he refused to stock Science Diet because it's filled with known cancer causers. At least the dog food is.

This kinda sums up Science Diet. It's a lot of filler, which is terrible for pets.

Our vet recommened Science Diet to us so I'm going with what he says. They seem to love it and have done really well with it.

I'd probably stick with what the vet suggests.

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