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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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(no subject)
chris mens journal
Unfortunately, I can no longer attend the upcoming SPN con in Vancouver. So I've put all my tickets up on Ebay. I've got a J2 photo op, a Jensen photo op, a Jared photo op, and my Gold admission ticket (seat B44) which I am packaging with my Misha Collins photo op.

If you need more details, or links to the auctions, I've posted them here HERE.

If you know anyone looking for tickets please pass this on. Or if you want to repost this on your journals to help me out, I'd appreciate it!!

ETA: Also, I can't post to TWoP anymore, so if someone who does could post this over there, I'd appreciate it.

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linky don't work hon....I was gonna add it to my watch list...

oh but LJ 404 error page is funny...


Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

What happened at TWoP?

Oh back when Barnes was on her banning/deleting/warning rampage, she gave me a bullshit warning and I refused to accept it. So I can't post until I do. Which I won't. I haven't posted there since 2007 I think.

Oh, right. I think I remember you talking about that before.

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