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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I think I'm going on hiatus for a bit....
chris mens journal
I've got the feeling I've pissed someone off, so apparently stuff I'm trying to say or express isn't coming out right or something. And I've been fucking up majorly at work this week to the point where I've wondered more than once if I'm getting fired on Friday, so between that and money, I'm stressed to the max right now. Which results in me not explaining myself well, and that leads to pissing people off.

So I'm going on hiatus. I'll be around doing the Glee newsletter stuff still(and taking care of my other communities), but that's it. I'll be back...sometime. Feel free to cut me from your lists if you need to. I'll understand. Like I've aways said, it's always open defriending day here.


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