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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I wonder how much it would cost....
chris mens journal
To change my plane ticket to Vancouver.

Since the set visit tickets are *way* more than I can afford, I won't be doing that. Which means there's absolutely no reason for me to be there two days early. Techincally there isn't anything I want to see at the con until Saturday.

So given paying for a hotel room for Wednesday & Thursday versus maybe the change fee, it might be better to change my flight to getting in Friday and save myself some money and a couple of vacation days.

The main reason I was going early was if they decided to include a set/location tour, but I didn't know I was gonna have to pay another $500 for that.

I need to investigate that--I've never changed a ticket that didn't involve me missing a flight before.

ETA: It's $200 to change my flight. Which is a lot, but I guess I have to weigh that against two nights of the hotel, two additional days of parking at the airport, two additional days of eating and stuff... so...I dunno. I need to think on it this week.

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that seems like a lot to change things! i remember it being like $75, but that was several yrs ago.

Yeah, it's $150 for the airline, and $50 for cheaptickets.com to do a ticket change. When I've missed flights, it only cost $25 to change my ticket. I miss those days.

Maybe you shoudl "miss" this flight. show up 2 days later all Lol I'm dumb I missed my flight!

(Deleted comment)
We're already staying until the following Thursday--the total was 9 days (Wednesday-following Thursday) so even missing those two days, I'd still have Monday-Thursday to sightsee.

Those prices are...steep! I don't think I'll be doing a set tour, then. I don't mind paying for the con/room/stuff, but at least I can take pics! Even a pic with the Impala isn't worth $349!

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