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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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How to become my TV boyfriend....and other stuff!
chris mens journal
Obviously, you need to get a Twitter. LOL!

Because I'm enjoying Misha's tweets far too much for something that's only 140 characters, and I'm even returning to an appreciation of Michael Rosenbaum's humor after following his tweets.

And now I find my boy Cory Monteith has a Twitter too! Yay! Yes,I'm following him! He's a Twitter noob (unlike Misha, who was apparently instructing others on how to use Twitter while at Asylum) but maybe someday he'll get the hang of it. A few of his Glee castmates (like the girls playing Tina and Mercedes) are a bit more prolific Tweeters, so maybe it'll catch on with him. I hope so!

In other news, the only stories from Asylum that I've enjoyed were the ones involving Misha, so I'm just gonna ignore all the other photos and stories and pretend this was MishaCon 09! It works out best that way.

This weekend was SO mad crazy. But fun! First off, _sin_attract wanted to do some Columbus type things while up here, so I took her to Eddie George's Grill down on campus for lunch (he's a Heisman winning football player from Ohio State, and then he went to the NFL). Then we kind of drove around campus and downtown for a while, as I took her to the Short North, and then we went to German Village so I could take her to The Book Loft. We stayed in there for a while, got stalked by Breaking Dawn, scared some geeks in the sci fi room by talking about RPatzz sparkling, and she found an $80 art book marked down to $10. Score! After that, we went to Jeni's Ice Cream for some gourmet ice cream (I got Thai Chili, she got Belgium Milk Chocolate) and then we went up by campus to see Star Trek.

Dudes, I LOVED IT!! I'm not a big Trekkie, I was always more of a fan TNG than TOS, but I loved this movie! ZQ was awesome as Spock, and Bones totally stole the movie, ya'll!! I loved all the cast, and as soon as I walked out I wanted to see it again! We talked about seeing it again, but with all the driving from the weekend, we didn't get to. But if it's still playing when I go see my dad for Father's Day, I'm forcing him to go see it with me, because I want to see it again. I highly approve of this movie!!

Then we went back to my place, watched the last Jay Leno Tonight Show (yay, Conan's tonight!!) and went to bed. Got up the next morning and started the looooonnnnnggggg drive to Lansing. We got in around 3ish, hung out in the hotel room until it was time to go to ames1010's concert. We were the ticket takers, and everyone kept calling us usher's and we were all, "No, we are ticket takers!" LOL! But we got everyone in and seated, even though I took the wrong end of the tickets a couple of times and had to track people down to give them the right ticket stubs. LOL! But there was a really good turnout, and I was really happy for Amy that it seemed to be so well recieved.

The concert was really good, Seth and Daisy May were really adorable and I liked them better than Steve even--maybe it's because I haven't heard their stories before. But they were cute, and Steve came out and did his thing and tried to convince us his chair was farting, but nobody was buying it because it wouldn't do it again when he tried to get it to (later, he finally got it to do it again.)After the concert, we hung around and chatted, then went to the worst McDonald's ever ("What do you want?" "Just to let you know, you have to wait on fries.") LOL! We met up with Ames and the rest of the crew later at a bar, and entertained wander_lust_79 with our re-enactment of The Barry Gibb Talk Show (Justin's SNL was on the TV's in the bar, but the sound was off, so we provided the soundtrack. Rachel was Barry Gibb, and I was Robin.) "I am Barry F-ing Gibb! I will end you, right here!" seemed to be a big hit.

Then we went back to the hotel,went to sleep, got up the next morning, had breakfast with everyone at Denny's, and then headed home for the looooonnnnng drive. I was very sad to drop Rachel off at the airport. :( I miss having her to chat with. I was really sad the first time I unlocked my car and only had to push the button once (I didn't know if I pushed it twice it would unlock both doors until she told me, one Mazda owner to another.

So that was my weekend. Now it's back to the boring drudgery of work. :(

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Ooh, I want to follow Rosey and Corey! Can you give me the links?

My brother and his wife used to live in the German Village in Columbus.

Sounds like you had a great time at the concert. Wish I could've went!

I don't have the links offhand, but if you go to my followers page on my Twitter, they should be on there.

I work in German Village now, so it's kind of neat to see parts of it outside of my office! LOL!

We did have fun--anytime me and Rachel hang out, we have a good time.

Thanks for coming up :)

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