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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
Just sitting here watching the couch guy fix the recliner mechanism on my $1000 couch which is falling apart after 3 years.*sigh* I think I now know why this couch has been discontinued. I mean he has the whole right side in pieces all over the living room. If you have to fracking rebuild the couch on a service call, I think the warranty should replace it.

Once he gets done, Stanley and I are going to pick up _sin_attract at the airport. And then I dunno what we'll do. Money is tight so maybe just come back here and watch DVDs? I dunno. I do need to go to Target and see if I can find some black flip flops. Other than that--I dunno.

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I would try Old Navy for the flip flops. All last weekend they had them on sale for $1 and had a zillion colors.

I never pay much for furniture (Value City babe!) so I can switch it out every couple of years if I want without feeling guilty.

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