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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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A rollercoaster of emotions!
chris mens journal
*Excited: Tomorrow _sin_attract is coming to stay with me before we go up to Michigan for ames1010's concert! Wheee!!

*Not excited: The furniture guy was supposed to be here tomorrow right at 8AM. Now he's like "9-10:30AM" *sigh* So I might still be a little late picking you up at the airport, _sin_attract

*Excited: There's a ton of stuff today to put in the Glee newsletter, although I'm gonna wait until I get home and do it tonight instead of my lunch hour.

*Not excited: My desktop at home crapped out on me and won't boot up. I still have my laptop, butI have a ton of stuff stored on my desktop that I don't want to lose (pics and stuff). *sigh* I think it needs a new motherboard. So I'm trying to decide to I should just fix it, or put that money toward eventually getting a better laptop and just doing away with a desktop altogether.

*sigh* I guess that's it, just because I have a ton of stuff to do today at work to make up for taking tomorrow off, so I think Twitter might be all I have time for until I get home. But I'm LOLing over there that Misha has angered some people with no sense of humor by jokingly calling the UK a third world country. *eyeroll* Sense of humor, people. Get one. Shit, if Misha wanted to rag on Ohio, I'd be all, "Here's a list of things you can start with."

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See you on Saturday!!! YAY!!!! I am getting SO excited for the concert!!! A big improvement over wanting to puke my guts out from nerves. :D

I had a similar problem with my old motherboard. Luckily I have a friend who knows about computers and they were able to pull the hard drive and install in it my current machine and every single one of my files is still there. You should check to see what the geek squad at Best Buy might do if you go in and buy an external hard drive for back-up purposes and if they will pull your data and get it there for you to be able to read it. Good luck with it!


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