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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I need a plan for tomorrow....
chris mens journal
I mean, I got a bunch of stuff done today (despire screwing around with the Sim Winchesters--something about a new version of the Sims coming out renews my interest in playing) but I still have a bunch left to do.

One thing that worked out well was my dad, who was down here this weekend and staying with Kelly, called early this morning and said he wouldn't be able to stop by like he planned, because he had to get back to Lima by noon. So that meant I could do my stuff around the house on my pace, instead of trying to rush around to get stuff done before he came by.

I cleaned up my office last nite so I'd have room to put the air mattress down for sin_attract when she gets here, and even managed to find sheets for the bed too! Hooray!

I'd majorly cleaned the living room up last weekend, so all I need to do in there is dust and run the sweeper. Same thing in my bedroom, but today I decided for some reason it was time to clean out my walk in closet, since you couldn't, you know, walk in it. Felt like a good chance to go ahead and box up some of my winter clothes too, so I did that. Now I just need to turn in a service request for maintenance to come out and change the light bulb in the closet (yes, they do do that, although I only call them out for the ones I can't reach with my little stick light bulb changer) and my closet will look like it did when I moved in two years ago! Woo!

Then I tackled the mountain of laundry I had. God, I hate laundry. I had laundry baskets of clean clothes in the bedroom, and a Mount Everest of dirty laundry in the bathroom. But, I'm happy to say that I'm down to three loads--a load of whites in the washer, a last load of darks in the dryer, and a load of towels waiting to be washed. *And* everything is folded and hung up/put away! Whew! Seriously, I'm kinda glad I don't have kids because I've seen the laundry they generate--a kid plus me would mean I'd need to quit my job and do laundry all the time.

So, the plan for tomorrow is to get up early--guess I need to go to bed soon--clip the coupons from the paper, and hit up the store in the morning. I'm gonna go cheap this week because I am sooo broke. I'm trying not to touch my savings any more after I had to draw out $400 for Stanley's appointment, but then I remembered my insurance payment should be hitting soon, so I had to pull more out. My Vancouver fund has dwindled to under $300. :( It was $1000 at the beginning of the week. *cries* I feel bad because Stanley needs some new medication, and I simply just could not afford it this week. He's just gonna have to wait until Friday when I can get up to OSU and get him some. This was just a bad week for all this to hit at the same time--big vet appointment, car payment, insurance payment.

Anyway, so go to the store, try to go cheap (although, I need to get an ironing board. I don't have one, and my capri pants I got a couple of weeks ago are all linen, so you can about guess how they look after coming out of the dryer. WRINKLED!)and then come home and finish cleaning--basically just sweep and mop, and then I'm done. *Then* I need to go detail my car, since I can't afford to have someone do it for me right now. *sigh* They always do a better job than me so I wish I could have it done.

My hope is to get all this stuff done before late afternoon, so I can enjoy at least part of the three day weekend!!!

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I'm really, really, really looking forward to this coming weekend. Like, a lot.

What's the weather like up there? And just a heads up, I tend to get cold at night, like...it'll be summer and I'm still freezing in bed haha

Hee--OK! I tend to keep the air at like 71-72 at nite, so I'll pull out some extra blankets for you, and I can close the vent in the office. I have a comforter, and I can pull out this heavy quilt I have too. I won't let you freeze!

Up here, the weather has been in the mid 80's (and kinda humid this weekend.) I think next weekend it's supposed to be cooler. Friday it's supposed to be partly sunny and 76, and Saturday it's gonna be partly cloudy and 79. Of course on Sunday, when we're coming back, it's supposed to rain. I might need to stop and get some new windshield wipers on Friday! LOL!

In Lansing, it'll probably be a little cooler. It says it's supposed to be 74 on Saturday with a low of 52, and sunny on Sunday and around 70. So hopefully we won't hit any rain until we get back into Columbus.

I think my plan for Friday is after the couch guy leaves from fixing the couch in the morning, I'm gonna throw Stanley in the car with his stuff, and we'll come get you. Then as we come back into town, I'll swing by OSU to pick up his meds, swing by Kelly's shop (they're all in the same general area) to drop Stanley off for the weekend, and then we can go get some lunch and do whatever. I wasn't sure if you still wanted to go to the museum(I didn't get the tickets yet), or go see Star Trek, or if you just wanted to hang.

Haha, well I don't know if I nee like a huge heavy quilt, but it's nice to know it's an option :P

OK, well I'll bring like some light jackets I can throw on. Ug, hopefully rain won't delay my flight. I'm glad I got a late flight back so we have plenty of time, but I'm not trying to get back to Richmond at 1 AM or anything.

I don't really care what we do...I think the museum would be fun. Did you want to see Star Trek?

Heh...a laundry post!! ::giggle:: you did great hon...I will usually manage to get a pile of laundry clean but then it lives in the baskets until I use it again. I haven't yet managed the putting away part...


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