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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
Well, I *finally* got my Sam & Dean Sims to stop totally hating each other, and stop wanting to "drink" each other (whatever that means.) Dean Sim gave Sam a hug when Sam accidentally set fire to the kitchen making ramen noodles in the microwave. (But we'll see how long it lasts, since two times Dean on his own went looking for Sam with the action of "Argue", but I killed the action.)

And then the next morning, they woke up (after sleeping in the same bed--voluntarily. I didn't make them do that!) and decided to start a band:

*shakes head* Oh boys....

I need a Castiel Sim now...

I also need to get a close up pic of my Sam Sim. He's my fave skin in the game. You can't tell from that pic, but it looks *exactly* like him. It even has the moles. The Dean Sim is OK--he's actually an Alec Sim from Dark Angel, but sometimes I get him confused with the Justin Timberlake Sim in my game.

Oh! And I think they decided to start a band because the night before, JC Chasez Sim came by and was jamming out and he was so awful he got booed. So Dean probably thought, "I can totally do better than that!" He was the one who went to the guitar first, then Sam just went down and started in on the drums. I didn't prompt that at all--it just happened.

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I've been wanting to buy Sims, but there are so many different versions. Which version do you play?

These are Sims 2, although Sims 3 is coming out the first week in June, and it's supposed to expand on some things. Normally I'd say if you were just starting you should go with the newest version, but this new version is so radically different it's going to be pretty buggy at first until EA puts out patches. That might make it tough for someone just starting out.

All the different games you see are just expansion packs. You have to start with the basic Sims game(like Sims2) and then you can add on the different expansion packs. None of the expansion packs work without the first Sims2 game.

I think now when you go to buy the first Sims 2 game, it's actually called Sims 2 Deluxe. That has the first Sims 2 game, plus the Nightlife expansion pack.

Then, you just add on expansion packs if they have something you want. For Sims 1, I bought all of the expansion packs, but with Sims 2 (because it sucks so much out of my computer to run it) I only bought a few expansion packs.

But, each of the packs adds things to the game, like new neighborhoods, new interactions, new goals for gameplay, etc.

Then EA also puts out these things that aren't expansion packs, but just discs of stuff--new objects for the game, etc. I don't mess with the disc of just stuff, because there are plenty of sites like The Sims Resource website where you can download just about anything you need. The Sims is an open source game, so users can make their own stuff and others can add it to their games.

I'd say to start with the Sims 2, because now that Sims 3 is out, Sims 2 will be really cheap. That game I linked to would be a good place to start, and it will let you then buy any expansion.

However, the Sims 3 is a completely different game, so nothing from Sims 2 will work on it. I'm gonna get it eventually, I just want to wait until some of the patches for the bugs come out. I usually get the new version right when it comes out, then have to spent a ton of time waiting for EA to release patches so I can actually play it! LOL!

Thanks for all of the great info!! I saw Sims 2 when I was at Wal-Mart last night, so the next time I go I'll have to pick it up.

That is the cutest pic, and them being a band is perfect! I miss playing sims, but quit on ver.2 when I saw the massive amounts of time spent on the game. Seriously. How many times does one have to redecorate/start from scratch? Infinity for me.

I always wondered if the skins got better; some were fairly good, but many were just bleh.

"Yes, that Justin Timberlake is quite the triple threat." - Dean

Haha--decorating is my favorite part!But I usually get my Sims in one house and keep them there for a while, so I'm not moving them around. Plus, I usually only play one or two families in a neighborhood.

The quality of the skins comes down to the quality of the artist. I've got some user made skins that are just bleh, but then I have some (like the Sam skin) that are really spot on. They even gave him cat shaped eyes.

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