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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Let the battle of Adam vs Kris fans be over....
chris mens journal
And let the battle of Adam fans vs The Claymates begin! And Clay himself is leading the charge.

While I can see some point in what Clay is saying about how the show should be about finding the average person with incredible talent, he also needs to wake the hell up. NOBODY on this show (except maybe him) just fell off the turnip truck when making the top 10. At some point, most of these people have had EPs or albums or demos, etc. In other words, they're not some Joe or Jane Blow who sings around house while doing chores and people who overhear it think they have an amazing voice. 50%-75% of the people who have been in the top ten since season one have attempted to make music in a professional capacity at one point or another.

So in other words STFU Clay!

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Clay is AN ABSOLUTE MORON. I mean, REALLY. It's not about being wrong or right...it's about just being PROFESSIONAL.

Clay is a dumbass. The only thing about him that amuses me is remembering once--see, by getting into Idol late you've missed all the good stuff--when one of the Claymates claimed he got her so worked up that she went into labor. Bwhahahaha!

Anyway, you need to check out Larry King tonite. Both Anoop and Seacrest have been twittering about being on Larry King today, so I assume all the Idols will be on there, and you can see Adam and Kris together.

My God.

If he wasn't out, some of the Claymates would probably read this as an anti-gay thing as well. And oh, I didn't HEAR the guy who won so I don't really know if he was any good but I'm just glad Adam didn't win!

I agree, STFU Clay.

Clay's just wishing he was still relevant to anything American Idol! LOL! It was like Justin from season one being in the audience at this year's finale. I was joking he was there in the capacity of seat filler. LOL!

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