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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Poor Misha....
chris mens journal
Now that the CW has picked up Mischa Barton's new series, I predict many more misspellings in the press of *our* Misha's first name when people are writing about the CW! LOL! And much more teasing of Misha by Jared. I can just about see him photoshopping Mischa's head onto Misha's body in the season five promo photos....


Since the CW did pass on Body Politic or whatever that show was called, I wonder if this means Minka Kelly won't be leaving Friday Night Lights after all? And I see they didn't pick up the Gossip Girl spinoff either, which is OK. I mean, I liked the pilot (which aired as a regular Gossip Girl episode) and I love Brittany Snow, I'm just not sure I want to see that every week.

I am kinda stunned about them moving SV to Fridays, but kinda not as well. I mean, it makes sense. SV's been pretty sucky in the back half of this season (which, I sort of didn't think it was possible to top season 4 in terms of suck, but there you go. Congrats, Jensen...you no longer starred in the suckiest SV season) and the finale was downright awful. And fleegull is right--the budget cuts are downright killing the show. I mean, SPN had it's budget cut too, but that means we just lose fannish stuff like awesome music. But SV budget cuts mean they spent all season pimping out a dramatic battle between Doomsday and Clark, which boiled down to about three punches and an explosion to cover up the lack of action. Boy, I bet they wish they had Product Placement Pete around this season--he could chew enough Stride gum to make up for the cuts!

So anyway, I assume you can see from space that this next season is Smallville's pity season, where everyone just rides out their contracts and collects their checks. And I can see where the CW would want to launch a new show at 8, but still pair it with a show who maybe creatively is still going to pack some punch, and bring in some viable viewers, and also might possibly have two seasons left. So yeah, I can see where it makes sense to move Smallville to launch a new show, I just never thought they'd do it.

But, my reaction to the CW Upfronts is mostly:

I can't wait to see Katie going toe to bitchy toe with Sydney!!