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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
Misha's tweets....lol!

Gold bullions, guns, and pony operated treadmills.

*wipes tears from eyes*

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It's like he was made in a vat, just for us.

I've been reading them to and laughing so hard. He's answering you too! :)

God... how do they all get anything done on that set?

Hehe--I wish he *would* answer me, but I don't think I say anything to him that's smart and funny enough for him to reply to.

He did start using Twitpic after I mentioned it to him, so maybe he does read what I message him. Although, I bet lots of people told him about that.

Still, it's fun to pretend he'd be interested in my tweets!

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