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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Welp, the TV scheduling Gods love to mess with us....
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Since Fox decided it would be oh so awesome to schedule Fringe at 9PM Thursday OPPOSITE SUPERNATURAL!!.

I suppose I can still DVR Fringe, just because my cable now has Primetime on Demand and NBC's shows are on there, so I don't have to DVR 30 Rock anymore. I can just watch it Friday on demand.

But I liked Fringe on Tuesdays because there was absolutely nothing else on that I watch on Tuesdays.


ETA: Also, why the frack does their fall schedule have So You Think You Can Dance on it??? That's a *summer* show. It'll be over by the time the new fall season starts.

And....whose genius idea was it to pair Dollhouse with two sitcoms on Friday?

What crack has Fox been smoking? That can't be the real schedule.

ETA again: SYTYCD is apparently going to be on in the fall too. But it starts this month. So we're either going to have it drag on all summer *and* fall, or have two seasons back to back. Don't get me wrong, I love SYTYCD, but I like it *because* it's a summer show. I don't want it in the fall!

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Fox decided last week to add a SYTYCD for the Fall season and has just started preliminary castings.

See, that to me is epic fail. Just because we're going to be on SYTYCD overload--as soon as one season ends, the next one begins? I can't have that much Mary Murphy screaming at me in my life. LOL!

I like it because it's a summer show. I thought it was a good fit there. In the fall, there's too much other stuff going on, too many other shows to watch, and the summer shows get dumped to the wayside.

Sucks for Fringe though. I don't think that's gonna stack up well against Grey's.

God, that sucks!! I love Fringe so very much!! I'm glad I have a double DVR, but man there's absolutely nothing on on Tuesdays. I loved having Fringe there.

I know--I liked it on Tuesdays too! I have a feeling for me, Fringe will end up getting dropped off, just because even if I DVR it, it'll be days before I watch it. And if that happens, I suspect it'll get deleted to make room for other stuff before I watch it.

Although, I usually DVR Dollhouse and watch it on Saturdays (when it conflicts with Friday Night Lights) so I guess I could watch Fringe and Dollhouse back to back...which is how they should have been paired up on the schedule, IMHO.

Yeah, now I won't be watching Fringe live. I'll watch it sometime during the weekend. And I totally agree that they should've paired it with Dollhouse.

.. what? Frindge at the same time as Supernatural? oh man.. I guess I won't be seeing Grey's Anatomy live anymore.

O.o SYTYCD on the fall? that is odd.

I'm so ticked off about Fringe opposite SPN. Those are my two IT SHOWS!

But the way SPN is going, I might watch Fringe live instead. Who knows. Its so pretty on my HD screen.

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