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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Plants are in the...well, pots.
chris mens journal
I wasn't going to put out flowers this year, but I ended up sort of getting sucked into it anyway. First, I bought a couple of hanging plants for my shepard's hooks. Some hanging plant with tiny blue flowers draping down, which name escapes me. That's by the front door, and the back patio, I hung a pot of purple and white striped petunias.

That was gonna be it (well, that and the orange tree I bought when I went to the first Eyecon, which has yet to produce any tiny oranges as promised!!)But then today when I got out of my doctor's appointment kind of early, and it was so nice out, I decided to go to Home Depot and get a couple of flowers to put in the two large flower pots sitting empty on my back porch.

Next thing I know, $40 later I'm walking out with only two little pots of pink petunias for the flowers, and I had strawberry plants and basil plants. See, I'd been wanting to try some kind of container gardening, but the thing is--everyone grows tomatoes and stuff, and I hate tomatoes. So I thought I should try to grow things I could actually use. I was eyeballing the squash plants, and the cucumber plants, but I dunno--they looked a little advanced for me. Plus I doubt they'd grow in pots.

So, I use basil a lot, so I decided I'd put a couple little basil plants in a pot and start with that. Then I saw the strawberries and they were $4 each (so was the basil) but I had these visions of walking onto my back porch and picking strawberries to snack on (yeah, I don't know how much I'd actually get from three plants, but we'll see) so now I have a pot of strawberries in one large flower pot, and a little pot of sweet basil. I threw the petunias and some pansies that I had which were on the verge of death because I'd never transplanted them but now that it's raining they decided to try to come back to life in the other large flower pot out on the back patio.

So.....we'll see if I can grow something edible, or if these will turn into a bunch of dead dried vines like most of my plants. I'd like to be able to grow peas and beans and stuff like that--stuff which I'd actually use. Maybe lettuce. I dunno. Yeah, I grew up on a farm, but I only know how to harvest, I don't know how to grow!