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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Am I the only one?
chris mens journal

Who thought it was completely obvious that Sam is Lucifer's vessel?

It HAS to be. I mean, the whole "It has to be a special child" bit. And Ruby mumbling/lisping insisting it had to be Sam. That bit just couldn't be killing Lillith, because *anyone* could have done that as long as they had the knife.

Suddenly, everyone who was complaining that The Rapture was an unimportant episode because it was about Castiel's vessel blah blah....you see how that was wrong now, right?? They needed to have that to explain why any old Joe can't be a vessel for an angel. That it has to be someone special, someone chosen.

Because at the end of the day, when all is said and done....Lucifer is an angel too, guys. A fallen angel, but still an angel. Which means he's not going to be coming up all fully formed and stuff.

Which means his vessel can't just be anyone either. It has to be someone special, someone chosen.

Someone like Sam.

Although, the awesome twist (and the one I thought they were originally going for when they were talking in the beginning about needing to keep Dean safe) was be if *Dean* was the vessel for Lucifer. That the angels--unbeknowst to Castiel--had chosen him from hell precisely for that purpose. So maybe next season would be about Sam and Castiel teaming up to save Dean. Or something like that.

But anyway, remembering the whole part in The Rapture about how "it's in the blood" totally made me think of Sam. I mean, with Jimmy and Claire it's obvious the "in the blood" was something genetic, something to do with the fact that they are father and daughter, but in Sam's case it could do with the fact that he's got Azazel's blood in him.

So anyway, that's my theory, and so I'm not getting too joyous at Sam and Dean reunited until I start hearing some spoilers, because I'm not sure Kripke isn't going to stab us all in the heart by having Sam turn to Dean in the first five minutes of season five and we see he's Lucifer. *shudder* So that's why I *really* didn't want Sam and Dean to just be standing around watching the glow and going, "He's coming!" Hey, no shit Sam, now let's get out of here! At least if they aren't there, they can spend next season trying to keep Lucifer *away* from Sam, not just stand there and let him be taken over by him!!

Also, nothing to do with anything, but wouldn't it have been better to have Sam's eyes turn *yellow* while killing Lillith, not black? So that they could finally kind of pay off that whole storyline they've been hinting at since, well, forever?

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I've been sayint that for awhile now. And then the painting of Michael killing Lucifer that Dean was looking at... the show ends with Dean having to Kill Sam.

Poetic... HORRIBLE... but poetic. *sigh*

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