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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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That's it!!
chris mens journal

Ruby changed Dean's message! That bitch needs to die!

Wooo--Cas to the rescue!! I fucking told you all !!!!!!!! I fucking told you!!

Cas and Chuck--that was cute at the end! LOL! But the archangels better not hurt Castiel!!

Hey, Dean, you dumbass! Instead of pounding on the door screaming Sam's name, how about screaming out some useful info such as "Killing Lillith breaks the final seal!!"


*runs around screaming*


That was pretty good! Although I'm still pissed about an entire season of Sam being a grade A moron. I like my Sammy smart, please.

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Did Ruby do it or did Zachariah? And yay, I finally like Castiel!

I was wondering if it was Zach, until Ruby smirked. So if she didn't do it, she's in on it.

Or she better be...if they try to make her good, I will not react well!

I knew Castiel would save the day! I kept my Cas faith and it's paying off!!

Edited at 2009-05-15 01:45 am (UTC)

Ok, I'm now almost 100% positive that Sam turns on Ruby and kills her. At least, that BETTER be what happens, cause otherwise it makes Sam's hesitation totally useless. AND I WANT RUBY DEAD NOW!

But, is he gonna kill her because she's bad, or is he gonna kill her because now he's all demon mad with power?

I mean, regardless I want her dead, but it would be nice if Sam got the clue before he killed her.

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