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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Introducing: Beco!
chris hug
Come see our cute new baby elephant from the Columbus Zoo! He's adorable!

OK, I guess we can't embed the video. But you can watch it here!

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I totally am going to the Toledo Zoo this summer! :D I want to see the Polar Bears. :D

You need to come down and visit me and we can go to the Columbus Zoo! It's the number one ranked zoo in the country!

Plus, baby elephants!! :D

Do you have polar bears, too??? :D

I dunno--the zoo is so big I've ever only been able to see half of it in a day.

I do know we have the world's biggest snake. It's name is Fluffy or Bunny, or something like that!

And we have manatees!

If you have polar bears, I'm there! haha

No seriously, we should plan something!!!

Beautiful link hon!! I loved when I volunteered at the Phoenix Zoo...we had a momma elephant too but ended up sending her away before the calf was born on part of that inter-zoo exchange program.


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