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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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It's nice to see someone appreciative
Despite having a blossing big screen career, Taylor Kitsch says flat out in the new issue of EW(which has a two page spread on him, including a hotass pic):

"I know what Friday Night Lights has done for me, and I will never say no to them."

*sigh* Good--we'll have two more seasons of WWRD, which I applaud.

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Aww, does that mean we'll see him again next year? Although what the heck would he be doing, lol.

Hehe--well that is always the question: What Would Riggins Do? LOL!

But I'm guessing he's gonna drop out of San Antonio State for some reason, if he enrolls at all. Taylor said he hoped Riggins wouldn't go to college.

I wonder if they'll maybe have Tim get hurt(like blow out a knee) and have it end his college football career, and explore that type of storyline. They've sort of done that before, but with Street it became more about how this injury caused him to have to live an entire new way of life overall, and with Smash he got the "overcoming injury/redemption" storyline. I've always thought Riggins was the perfect candidate for a minor injury in the grand scheme of life way (ie, not paralyzed like Jason) yet devastating from a football POV, and then we have to explore a post-football life a little early. If that makes sense. But then again, maybe that would be sort of boring since Tim had kind of already expressed he wants out of the football playing life anyway.

ETA: But yeah, I'm pretty sure Riggins will be back--the article mentioned Taylor had already moved back to Austin, so he'll be in next season. And Matt I'm sure will be back next season, since he decided not to go to Chicago. I believe so far the only cast trimmings they're doing is Lila and Tyra. Although I believe Tyra might just be scaled back to recurring, which would allow Adrianne to appear occasionally on the show. I'm guessing Lila will be gone-gone, as Minka Kelly was cast on another show (although I don't know if it's gonna get picked up by the CW or not.)

Edited at 2009-05-10 03:49 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the reply. Tim is my favorite character so I'm happy to have him stick around. Although I do like Lyla so I'm a little sad that she's going to be leaving.

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