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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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That was fan freakin tastic!!
chris mens journal
That is how you do a season finale that isn't a season finale (since there's an episode after this which Fox refuses to show)!! Dollhouse FTW!!


And if you stopped watching because first few eps were slow...you missed an amazing back half of a season! When you watch it as a whole, the slow eps in the beginning make sense.

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It was fucking amazing, eh?

It was! I am and still remain stunned this morning!

And the fact that there's another episode after this one that Fox has just decided we're not interested in seeing really grates my cheese!!

It's like Fox doesn't realize who exactly Joss Whedon is. Why would they think for a moment that we don't want to see another episode of Dollhouse? They need to stop smoking the bad crack.

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