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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal

I knew it!! The doctor is a doll!

You know...maybe *everyone* is a doll. Think about it, if the Dollhouse is to be a secret, you could never bring in anyone outside for anything. And you wouldn't need to. You can imprint everything you need. Those EMTs? Dolls. Hell, even the handlers could be dolls.


Awww...Viktor! Please don't shut him down. :(

Hmm...was Alpha kind of crazy before all 48 imprints hit him though? Cause that act with the handler(acting like he didn't know hell, the watch my steps things) obviously was an act. Especially since he referred to it once he had the composite. Huh.

Is he gonna imprint Echo with all her imprints at once too? I think so!

Now she's Faith season three! LOL!

So....when someone gets imprinted, it doesn't erase the wedge....

Hee! Topher! "Unless he was starting an evil band!"

Dude, Alan plays a crazy psycho so well! I don't know if I can look at Wash the same way again!!

Also I liked Boyd and Ballard as a team!

Ballard did it! He saved Caroline! Just, umm...not how he expected! LOL!

OK, Saunders is either gonna go psycho, or she's gonna be the doll that will be deactivated. Which makes sense,since I thought Amy Acker has a new show she's been cast in.

Aww...Ballard saved Mellie. Awwww! So I was wrong, Saunders isn't the deactivated doll, Mellie was.

And Ballard's gonna work for the Dollhouse? Hrm....

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(Deleted comment)
And now we know why Alpha attacked Whiskey....because she was number 1.

(Deleted comment)
You think Saunders is going to attic herself? Seems like....

(Deleted comment)
I KNOW!!!!


(Deleted comment)
I know!! I....am in shock! And yet, that made me kinda teary.

"You know...maybe *everyone* is a doll." I was totally thinking that myself! If that's the case they're going to take forever to reveal it.

I love Viktor, he's my fav!

So glad to see Ballard getting another job--his role was going nowhere. Loved that Ballard saved Mellie!

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