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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Boy, I *am* a cynic....
chris mens journal
I know this story about two homeless people getting a dream wedding, should tug at the heartstrings, make you cry, etc.

But as I read down through the story, I wasn't that touched. I was more thinking,reading about this couple's situation, that their church's efforts would have been *much* better spent giving them $50 to go to city hall and get married, and then taken the rest of the money/time that was donated, and, I dunno....got them a frackin' place to live???? How about getting one or both of them a job, or some training that will let them get a job???

Maybe it's just because I'm not romantic. I'm more of that practical girl when it comes to that stuff. I'm the girl who would *much* rather just go to city hall or Vegas, no family, maybe a couple of friends, knock out the vows, and then take the *thousands* of dollars I'd saved on a wedding and buy a house. Or a car. Or put it in the bank.

I'm just not a wedding girl, I guess. Good thing I realized early on that I'm not ever going to find someone I like enough to marry.

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I don't even have to read the article to agree. Dream wedding? About a dream apartment or job?? People are so fucking stupid. But then I don't think anyone should spend a shit load of money on a wedding...it's ONE DAY.

I love weddings, all kinds however, the real heart tugging scenario would be getting a homeless couple off the streets for good.

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