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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Misha goes meta with Aced
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Hee! I'm loving that every day has a new Misha Collins interview. Shit, he can do all the show's interviews from now on, Mr. Thinky Pants!

There are some mild spoilers for next week, but I'm gonna post a de-spoilerfied version below the cut, because Misha's getting all meta on Castiel and I think it's needed after last nite:

To read the unspoilered version, go here

This season of Supernatural is coming to a close soon, and Misha Collins (Castiel) was kind enough to talk to us about a few things we have to look forward to before it does. If you watched the latest episode tonight, you will know our two favorite brothers, Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki), have just had their Cain and Abel moment.

"We are at a very decisive point in the story and things will move forward very decisively. The relationship between Sam and Dean is going to have some major shifts. It will be decisive, but will still leave plenty of room for more story," says Collins.

*cut a spoiler*

Castiel had a serious reprimand from his Heavenly superiors in the last episode, but he continues to struggle within himself, even after the spirited warnings in regards to his doubt and human sympathies. "*spoiler cut* The writers are trying to tell as much of the story, and move it as far forward as they can, without blowing their wad. They are setting it up so there is still a ton of room to go with it. I get so fed up with shows that feed you totally, and they are not doing that on Supernatural," he reveals.

Supernatural has already been picked up for another season and Misha will be joining the cast as a regular -- so we can be assured the stories will continue with all of their character arcs in future episodes.

Collins reflects on his character Castiel thus far in the series. "On a philosophical level it has been interesting dealing with Castiel's struggle with the orders that he gets from Heaven. He questions whether the ends justify the means. It seems the dictates he is getting from on high are to move forward with the Heavenly agenda at any cost. There is something internally with my character that does not resonate with that. It is all about doing the right thing at every step of the way. It is something that I think he is kind of learning from Sam and Dean's behaviour.

"More and more, as this season develops, it has become an ethical or moral stand point in how Dean has been operating and that is rubbing off on Castiel. I think that it is important not to throw away your own moral conviction just because you think the ends do justify the means. I think that by doing things like that we get into trouble," he confides.

Can anyone actually be an obedient Angel without doubt or reflection? "Me, personally, I don't think I would make a good Angel in regards to not towing the party line." Amen to that.

Supernatural comes to a head next Thursday, 9 p.m. ET, on the CW.

See? There is more to what we saw!

And, I meant to post this the other day, but I'll post it now because I believe we all can use some Misha bringing the funny.

Zap2It asked if we'd ever get to see what happened to Castiel up in Heaven to bring him into line. Misha's response:

I don’t know how they would do that, because Castiel -- outside of Jimmy’s body -- would be an angel, and we know that angels can’t be seen by human beings without their eyes being burned out. So if they did show that, they would have to burn out the entire viewing audience’s eyes. Which I think would be some sort of liability for the CW.

Not to mention that “Supernatural”’s viewership might take a serious hit.
MC: Exactly. Unless they were starting to make a shift to a purely audio version of the show, like a radio play. In which case, it might actually be a good move because it would save a bundle on production costs.

All the fans could just listen to “Supernatural” on their iPod.
MC: Exactly. [Laughs] I don’t know why I’m not a network executive. These are good ideas!

Hee! The bit about burning out the entire audience's eyes...lol! There's just something about the way he talks, the way he strings words together that I really like. That little bit for some reason instantly gave me the raging desire to see Misha working on a Joss show, because they just feel like a good fit.

Of course, if people don't watch Dollhouse tonite I'll never get the chance to see Misha working on a Joss show because Joss will be swearing off TV forever, so.... *sigh*

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I'm watching Dollhouse faithfully! Poor Joss - he just can't win post-Buffy/Angel!!!

I know--I don't get it because the show is brilliant.

I'm also peeved that there is an episode after tonite's that Fox has just decided they're not going to show. It'll be on the DVD set, but still! Show it, Fox!!

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