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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I guess....
chris mens journal
I'm the only Castiel fan left after last nite? LOL! That's fine--haters to the left!!

I'll freely admit that I don't get the Castiel hate honestly. The guy is following orders, *and* he's got two angel henchmen/bounty hunters/what have you clocking his every move making sure he follows the orders. It's written all over his damn face that he doesn't want to do these things, or maybe I've just spent so much time studying Misha that I'm more attuned to the facial expressions he uses to convey stuff as Castiel (cause he isn't nearly as expressionless as everyone would have you believe.)

Personally, while Sneaky!Castiel is fun, I much prefer my Castiel angst ridden with internal doubts, doing stuff because it's ordered and speaking the party line, but having it eat him up inside. So I'm actually *happy* with Castiel's actions last nite. MATEOTB Castiel was fun...but that isn't what I want to see.

Plus, he gave Dean a complete fucking out in his "vows". "Obey God as you would your earthly father?" Yeah, right--has God been watching Dean the past couple of years? Dean now thinks John's pretty much an asshole. He's no longer the "hammer" who would follow John's orders blindly no matter if he agreed with them. God wants Dean to follow His orders blindly, and Castiel totally gave Dean an out to still have free will.

And if Castiel had refused the orders to free Sam? He would have been dragged away and some other angel would have stepped in and done it, so what would be the result of that? Sam's *still* free, and now Castiel can't help Dean.

So yeah, there's more to the story there, folks.

And Sam...jeeze, by the end I was wishing Dean would have just said, "You know what Sam? Fuck you, I'm leaving. Do what the hell you want, cause I'm sick of dealing with your ass." Because I'm sick of dealing with Sam's ass. You know, Sam's supposed to be so smart, but he can't see that Ruby is freakin' playing him, and has been all season?

Sam's boring when he's been being led around by the nads by Ruby. So yeah, I'm pretty sick of Sam these days, and can't believe someone so smart is so fucking dumb. Like I told Rachel last nite--if Ruby was *really* trying to help Sam kill Lillith? No demon within a 100 miles of Lillith would give Ruby the time of day, and now Ruby is hanging with Lillith's personal chef? Wake the fuck up, Sam! The old Sam would have picked up on that right away. You know, just because a girl lets you fuck her doesn't mean she's not a liar Sam. Sheesh.

So, I don't know if this episode did what it was supposed to. I think it was supposed to make me understand Sam. Instead, it just pushed me more toward sympathizing with Dean. Although maybe not as much as I'm supposed to, since I also wish Dean was smart enough to come to the argument table armed with facts to open Sam's eyes, and not emo "You're a monster!" arguments.

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Castiel is loosing fans? awwwwwwwww *pets him*

He's clearly not happy with following orders. You can see it on his face very clearly! I wonder what happened to him exactly up there o.O

Sam is an idiot! he can't see he is loosing himself to that demon blood! oy! .. and Dean *pets him*

I dunno if he's losing fans--maybe--but people aren't happy that he let Sam out.

But I still say, Sam had the choice not to leave. He had the choice to listen to Bobby. He didn't, so I don't blame Sam going back to Ruby on Castiel. I blame it on Sam being written as a dumbass.

I was surprised by it, but not unhappy. ^_^

Yes.. Sam is an idiot. He doesn't care loosing himself.. and he has to know that is what is happening.

Yes, but Castiel could kill both Sam and Dean and you'd think it's okay because it's Misha. :P haha

Haha--actually, yes because at various points this season both Sam and Dean have irritated the hell out of me to the point that I didn't like either of them that much.

Maybe that's why I'm not having as strong of a reaction to Sam and Dean fighting as everyone else. I've long felt their relationship was way too dysfunctional and they need to get the hell away from each other. For me, their relationship became less "devoted brothers" and more "creeperiffic co-dependents" back at the end of season two.

I was thinking the same thing! HAHAHAHA

He can fucking kill Sam any damn time he wants!! ;)

Fine. He needs none of little faith anyway. Pfft.

I'm still on his side.
Our little emo angel is growing up. *tear*

That's right! I mean, I thought what was going on with him was the most interesting part of the episode. It seems like each episode he's in just reinforces the idea that I'd totally watch a Castiel spinoff if it were in the hands of capable writers (ie NOT Kripke and Gamble.)

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