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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal

First, I was glad to see someone bring up Jess! Yay Wee Sam! I wish they could have gotten Jess back for this episode too. *sigh* She could have, FNL was done filming by then.

Man, Cas--what did they do to you in Heaven? First you let Sam out, then you kill Anna, even though it's written all over your face that you DONT want to do these things. *pets Cas*

I totally thought Sam was gonna kill Bobby. But, you know...how would the character ever come back from that, ya know? The character of Sam, that is. I don't really so much care if Bobby dies. Or dies and comes back.

Also, not to doubt Dean's turn as Dr. Drew, but wouldn't it have made more sense to sedate Sam or knock him out while drying him out? Just a thought.

*bleh* It also makes me gag that they're trying to set up Ruby as some wrongfully wronged party. *bleh*

*double bleh* I also don't need to see the two of them in bed being all domestic. *eyeroll*

Dude, Sam was totally going to kill Dean. And nice, having Dean repeat John's words to him.

And the preview--whoa!

At this point, I kinda want Dean to kill Sam. I mean, I know I wanted evil Sam, but not whiny, bitchy evil Sam. I wanted Evil Sam because he thought being evil was fun, not because he got manipulated and was too stupid to see he was getting played.

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It started out so great, but I was NOT a fan of the Sam an' Ruby scenes.

Bros before Hos I'm telling ya.

Remember when Ruby used to know how to fight? When she was able to kick Dean's ass?

What happened to that Ruby. Gee, I thought Gen was so athletic and could do her own stunts, but apparently that means just having Ruby blink and gape like a fish while Dean is trying to stab her. *eyeroll*.

Stupid Ruby ruins everything. I mean, stupid Ruby 2.0 ruins everything. Ruby 1.0 would have made this shit watchable. Because she wouldn't have been a simpering idiot.

Edited at 2009-05-08 01:55 am (UTC)

She really does.

Did you see her shifty eyes? She doesn't care about Sam, she's completely leading him on!

And I hate that Sam's too stupid to see it. I mean, we're talking Clark Kent levels of dumb.

I mean, Ruby got info from a demon who serves Lillith? Wake up Sam--as far as you know, the demon world hates Ruby because she's a traitor. They're not going to give her Lillith killing info!

WAKE THE FUCK UP SAM! I wish Dean would point out this specific stuff, instead of being all vague about it.

Yeah, I mean everything that he said is clearly indicating that he's just being led on, he's not really saying anything relevant, although neither did Dean. They both need to say stuff rather than just kinda beat around the bush.

I'm pretty sure that Ruby is leading Sam right up to most likely opening the 2nd from or final seal - I mean, Lilith did say she wouldn't be alive to see it happen - and set Lucifer free. And Dean is trying to do what's right.

Oh man, I totally thought Sam was gonna kill Bobby too. I'm so worried about Bobby in the finale. I mean, people die in these finales, and we only really have Ruby or Bobby to choose from.

Sam was definitely going to kill Dean o.O

You know, that story that Ruby told Sam. The moment I heard it, I thought what if Ruby is working for Lilith now and Ruby needs to turn Sam as he is the last seal. Dean is infact the only one that can ended because he'd have to kill Sam.

Castiel's attitude doesn't fit in this though. I wonder what happened to him exactly.


I sometimes stalk your journal and can't take that anymore.

Hmmm....sorry, Misha is the only grammar technician allowed here. Thanks!

If you like, I can get a restraining order asking you to stay 500 ft from all TONITE's if you wish to continue stalking me, because, ummm...I'm not going to stop using it when I'm in a hurry.

And I'm *always* in a hurry.

Edited at 2009-05-08 08:38 pm (UTC)

Wow...that's bold and pretty rude!

Wait... we don't know if Anna was killed... she could be in Heaven being tortured it didn't show it. *crossing fingers*

That whole thing at the end... broke my freakin heart. I can't wait for Dean to whip Sam's ASS!

Chuck the profit!!!

I still think Ruby is trying to start the appocolipse... I'm sure killing Lilith is the last seal.

I can't wait for Dean to whip Sam's ASS!

Weeeeeeee!! I'm going to sit by you!!

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