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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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cartman seriously by <lj user="mymagical
Say What???

OK, last week when she called Clark, it looked like she and Davis were like halfway to fraking Canada. Now this week she's all, "We stopped at a hotel just outside Metropolis..."

Just outside Metropolis????? Jeeze, they sure as hell didn't get very far when they ran away, considering they ran away *from* Metropolis!!

ETA: Ahh, OK it was a shapeshifter. Although I'm laughing at Clark being all, "I can't believe they fooled me!" Dude, you should have thought something was up with that stupid "I ran away from him 2.5 miles out of Metropolis" story!

ETA again: Naked Ollie makes any episode better. Mmmmm...