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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
Nobody is on YIM anymore. :(

Where is everyone hiding!!! ;)

ETA: Meh, I just logged off. I think I'm gonna get in bed and watch Idol there.

Before I go--_sin_attract, did you figure out when you were coming here? Tomorrow we have a staff meeting, and I need to stake the claim on that personal time before anyone else does, since it's at the end of the month.

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Yeah! So the best time I can get is arriving at your airport at 10:30. I can just wait in the airport until you get off from work, so no worries and no rush. It was either that or like SUPER late at night, and I'd like to actually get to spend some time with ya!

And the flight back is like at 7 PM Sunday, so we can take our time driving back.

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