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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Thinky thoughts about Castiel....
chris mens journal
I had posted this as a reply over at spn_castiel, but I thought I'd copy it here if anyone wants to give me their thoughts on it. It's in regard to the potential of Castiel falling...

You know, I was thinking about this on the way home yesterday--I have a boring long commute--and I was wondering...what happens to Jimmy if Castiel falls??

I mean, they were pretty clear with Anna that her body was *her* human body, so I'm assuming she fell without being on earth or in a vessel, ie in her shiny angel light form.

And I'd assumed (based on Misha's early speculations) that we'd find out Castiel's vessel was someone who was dying, and he'd "donated" his body, so to speak,to be used in service to the Lord(aka, to house Castiel.) So, if Castiel was in a vessel that didn't have anyone else in there, I figured if he fell they could fanwank him keeping the same body as being a situation different from Anna because she wasn't in a vessel when she fell, but...

So now that we know Jimmy is alive, and still very much in there, and would very much like to go home if possible...what happens to him if Castiel falls? Does Castiel get cast out of that vessel and become a baby like Anna was, freeing Jimmy? Does the whole crazy power of falling and having Castiel's grace ripped out of the body kill Jimmy and leave Castiel alone in the body???

I mean, I don't want Jimmy to die! I need to know that maybe *someday* this whole thing will be over and Jimmy can go back to his family! *sniff*


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See, this is EXACTLY why I said months ago that if they ever attempt to have Castiel fall and they bring him back in the same body (aka Misha), I will call MAJOR BULLSHIT on all of it. Cause yes, when Anna fell, she was essentially REBORN into a human baby. If they're going to make something canon in the show (ie Anna falling and becoming a human baby), then they need to stick to that continuity in the future. So I seriously doubt Kripke will ever have Castiel officially fall, cause if he has ANY sense, he knows he will be seriously ripped a new one for copping out like WHOA w/ the body.

Sorry, this is not to say that I want Castiel to fall and have another body, it's that I don't WANT him to fall at all. Too predictable, anyway. Though I will say that I found Jimmy to be 10,000 times more interesting than I have ever found Castiel, so it's kind of a shame imo.

Well, like I said, I think with Anna they left themselves an out, because I don't believe Anna fell while she was in a vessel. So she had to fall and become a baby because when she chose to fall she didn't have any kind of human form housing her. She wasn't on earth walking among us when she fell. So at that point, they could have had Castiel falling and still fanwanked it as having the same body, since his situation was different from Anna's.

And they still *can* do that, because his situation is still different than Anna's ever was(and seriously, if they're gonna make it so Anna still has the same body *now* post Heaven and Hell, I can buy a little fanwanking as to why Castiel would stay in that body) but I think now the sticking point is Jimmy and the fact that he's still around. He was adorable and noble, and Misha made him extremely likable. So people aren't gonna want to see him just tossed aside, or killed so that Castiel can be human. And if Castiel falls and becomes some sort of human...well, they can't exactly share a body, can they?

I do think they maybe weren't counting on people liking the vessel so much(and maybe I am the only one who won't feel satisfied unless Jimmy gets to go to his family someday--maybe it isn't an issue for anyone else) but I do think they've kind of written themselves out of a falling possibility story.

Which is kinda funny, considering the lengths they went to to make sure pre-Sam fucking that Ruby was in a body so sanitary it might as well be dunked in Clorox.

Edited at 2009-05-06 05:57 pm (UTC)

I dunno, like I said, for *me* at least, I'd still call major bullshit, I don't care how they try to excuse it. I mean, I literally screamed at my tv in frustration when Anna came back in the same body after 4.10 and they gave that half-assed cop-out explanation. JESUS WRITERS, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!

On a somewhat unrelated rant topic : I'm seriously ANNOYED at the amount of fanwanking we've had to do this season to explain the serious inconsistencies w/ the overall arc based on what we have dealt w/ for the past 3 years. Mostly w/ Sam, as they've only just now seen fit to give us any insight into what's actually been going on w/ him this whole year. But also...*sigh* w/ Ruby. It really pisses me off that they took a character which I LIKED, and ruined it by dragging it out FAR too long w/o really giving us anything to go on about her motives. Taking away the fact the Genevieve has been doing a terrible job ANYWAY...even just the writing of the character this year has been beyond shitty. The reason a lot of people just want her to GO AWAY is not because she's coming between Sam and Dean, it's because she's been around for 2 whole seasons yet and we don't KNOW hardly anything more about her than what we did in the beginning, and people just stopped CARING after the first year. And then the 180 switch of her personality, again w/ NO insight as to WHY, and...I just don't give a fuck. I want her to die cause I'm tired of them wasting time and energy on a character they don't seem to know what to do w/. If it takes you 2 years to flesh out a character that's SUPPOSEDLY going to play this big part in Sam's story...then that's just pathetic and bad writing choices. It's like the dragging out the story of what Dean did in Hell. After a while, people get tired of being strung along and they just want to KNOW what's going on. SPN writers don't seem to understand how to balance suspense and wrapping up storylines in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Oh wow, sorry for the off-topic rantage. It's just been building up for a while and your mention of fanwanking things to make them plausible just set me off. *sheepish smile*

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