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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Vancouver Ticket: Purchased!
chris mens journal
I was planning on waiting until after Stanley's appointment on 5/20, since I know it'll be hella expensive, but it looks like there was a bit of a fare sale going on through Cheaptickets.com, and I missed the last one, so I figured I'd better jump on it. I could have flown for $368, but I ended up getting the flight that was a little more expensive just because it works out better to me to be on the same airline all the way through. Like one flight only has a 38 minute layover, but since it's on the same airline they'll hopefully be in the same terminal. It was worth the extra $28 for me to be on United the whole way through.

It does suck to get back to Columbus so late, but I guess that's the tradeoff for not having to leave at 6:30AM from Vancouver, so we can maybe have a nice dinner or something on Wednesday night.

So...my flight details are(all on United):

Wed, Aug 26
Depart: 8:00am Columbus OH(CMH)
Arrive: 8:13am Chicago, IL (ORD)

Depart: 9:45am Chicago, IL(ORD)
Arrive: 12:14pm Seattle WA(SEA)

Depart: 2:15pm Seattle, WA(SEA)
Arrive: 3:02pm Vancouver, Canada (YVR)

Thu, Sep 3 United Airlines

Depart: 12:55pm Vancouver, Canada (YVR)
Arrive: 1:47pm Seattle WA (SEA)
Seattle, WA (SEA)

Depart: 2:25pm Seattle WA (SEA)
Arrive: 5:57pm Denver, CO (DEN)

Depart: 7:00pm Denver, CO (DEN)
Arrive: 11:49pm Columbus OH (CMH)

I hope I got those dates right!! It's gonna suck if everyone else in our group is getting in Thursday and leaving Wednesday!!!

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I still haven't booked my tickets. I better get on that!

Your flight leaving Vancouver is around the same time (under an hour difference) of Stef and I, so we can all ride together!! :D


And yes, you got the right dates. :D

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