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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Yay! My package has arrived!!
chris mens journal
I do enjoy getting stuff in the mail--it's the best part about ordering online! When I get notified that a package was delivered (to my home, while I'm at work) I get all excited and can't wait to get home!

This package was just some new clothes. Last month, I got a birthday card from Avenue (the fat girl store where I get my clothes) because I'm on their mailing list or something, and it included a 30% off one item coupon in it, good only in April. Well, wouldn't you know it, my lazy ass waited until the last day in April,and then it was *pouring* rain during my lunch hour, so I couldn't get to the Avenue store near my work.

So, I just decided to order online, even though the coupon said it was only good for 20% off one item online. But then, you know...I got distracted by squeeing about Misha in The Rapture that night, and it was at 11:45PM that I realized "Oh shit...need to use my coupon!"

I thought I'd just get one item to use my coupon on, but I started shopping and ended up with about 7 things--a couple of knit tops, a couple of tees, a couple of pairs of capris, and a pair of goucho style pants that I've had my eye on for a while. I put in my coupon, figuring it'd take 20% off the cheapest item, but it gave me 20% off my entire order. Plus free shipping! Woo! So I got about $30 off, basically. I mean, it was still $80 cause fat girl clothes ain't cheap, but by *not* going to the store, I actually saved money (since in store I could only use the coupon on one thing.)

Now, of course, when I get home and try stuff on it'll probably all be too small and I'll have to go to the store anyway to return it....but that's the price you pay not to try on clothes at a store!

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I love getting packages in the mail!!! :D

I also want new clothes. :D

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