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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris smile
I forgot to mention earlier, but thanks to digitalwave, I do have a Dreamwidth account. I'm still shannenb over there too, but I have nothing set up or anything. I'm not sure what I'll use it for, if anything. But since everyone else was doing it....just call me a lemming. :)

I wish the CW would get a Hulu channel. One, I fell asleep last nite in the middle of Gossip Girl, and I missed half of what happened, so watching on Hulu would be cool. And two, a Hulu channel would let me watch The Rapure at work every day if I wanted! And I would want to!!

Speaking of The Rapture, please to be checking out these fics:

Heavenly Lessons by izazov. A painful piece about what happened to Castiel while he was gone.

Untitled ficlet by olympia_m. A really beautiful (with the imagery) piece about Jimmy post 4x20, and how Castiel tries to care for him.

I needs more Jimmy fic!

And, Fox--it's cool that you renewed Fringe, but how about some Dollhouse love yo??? And why the hell was NBC's upfront yesterday when everyone else's isn't for two more weeks??? Here I was thinking, "Oh, OK, it's upfront week, so we'll find out about Dollhouse soon" only to find out NBC is mucking up the works by being super early. Not cool, NBC! Not cool!

And finally...am I gonna make it through this season of Greek?? I know most fans ship Cappie/Casey, but I totally ship Casey/Max. And last nite I thought they were breaking up, so I had to peek through my fingers to watch! I know it won't last, just because Michael Rady (who is freaking adorable, BTW. Just so you know) has been cast in the new Melrose Place so I assume he'll be leaving Greek, but still....Max is so damn adorable! He's got puppy eyes that would put Sam Winchester to shame, so I hate to lose him from the show.

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(Deleted comment)
I'd like to know what crack is in the water everyone's drinking over at NBC. First Jay Leno every nite at 10PM, and now this!

I'm ames1010 at Dreamwidth! :)

When I get home, I'll add ya!:)

I need to get me one of those Dreamwidth accounts. Most of my flist are getting them O.o

I still have to see Dollhouse >.> I have pretty much the whole season in my DVR.. I just haven't had time to sit down and watch it.

That was the only reason I got one--everyone else was! LOL!

Yes, watch Dollhouse! Now, the first few episodes....it seems kinda clunky and not very good, because they're trying to establish this whole theme of the Dollhouse and all of that, so there's not a ton of character development. But stick with it, cause I think about the 6th episode (Man on the Street) it starts to turn, and from there on out it's been gangbusters. Classic Joss.

Okay... what is this Dreamwidth thing? Why is everyone getting one?

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