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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Hee! drkcherry will get a kick out of this...
chris mens journal
SF Universe has a new interview with Misha here, and this quote made me think of drkcherry calling Misha a munchkin:

It would be more absurd for me to play Jared just because he seems so gigantic to me. He’s just so tall that there’s something in that that would be inherently, physically different.

He was being asked about who he'd want to play as in a body switch episode. Hee!

The interview only has spoilers for last week's ep (4.20) so it should be safe to read. There is an offer to win an autographed bag from Misha at the bottom, but the link to it takes you to a Twitter that has some spoilers, so be careful if you click on that.