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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Good news for some on my FList...
south park thumbs up
According to Nikki Finke NBC is going to announce Monday that they've renewed Chuck for another season.

I don't watch Chuck, but given that I see a bazillion ads for it, I'm surprised it was supposedly in danger of not being renewed. I don't think NBC would pimp the show out so hard if they never had any intention of renewing it.

I was also happy to see NBC decided to renew Southland for another 13 episodes. Seriously, ya'll...this is one of the best shows on TV right now. I mean, this week's ep didn't even have Ben Mackenzie in it, and it was still amazing. I was actually worried about Southland being the exception to the "We're pimping it out hard" rule, not because of the ratings, but because stupid Jay Leno sucking up an hour of time at 10PM every weeknight means NBC has to cut 5 hours a week off their schedule. And there just might not have been room.

So hats off to NBC. First they pick up Friday Night Lights for two more seasons, then they pick up Southland. They really are wanting me to watch their channel!!

Now if only Fox would pick up Dollhouse....they need to take a hint from NBC and see that it's OK to stick with quality shows that take some time to build ratings.

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My boyfriend is a cop who happens to work a dangerous shift, so I try to avoid watching cop shows because I worry enough as it is. However... Southland is awesome. I'm loving it. Glad they picked it up!

secretagentman (remember him from Smallville Fandom) confirmed Nikki's announcement. I'm so excited. I hope the ratings pick up for next season.

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