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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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I have to say..
angry chris

I would probably totally watch a Ballard/Wash(yeah, I know he's not Wash, but he'll always be Wash to me) show. It could be a buddy cop show!! LOL!

But with stairs that have risers.

ETA: Aaaaccckkkkkk! I didn't see that coming!! I mean, I heard way back a while ago that Alan would be playing Alpha, and it seemed kinda weird casting, but then I heard he was playing the guy who built the Dollhouse, so I figured the spoilers about him being Alpha were wrong.

And then when they threw in the red herring of Tuscon, I figured yeah--it was just a mixed up spoiler. But when he started typing stuff about lowering the oxygen, I was like..."Hmmm, maybe he is...nah!"

And he was!! OMG!!

And I hope he didn't mess up Viktor's cute face too much!! He's my favorite doll after Sierra!!

Dude, I've been totally suspecting for weeks now that the doctor is a doll. Are they gonna say that? Is that what Alpha meant by saying she was lying?

Man, I think I could ship Olivia/Ballard--the chemistry is off the chart!!


I love this show...why aren't more people watching?????

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OMG!!! This episode was so so good!!! I hope and pray it gets renewed!!!

I know! I wish more people had stuck with it from the beginning, because Joss did say it would take a while to get set up. And now it's paying off gangbusters!!!

I don't think I like Eliza is my problem. I couldn't get past the first two episodes.

I've also become attached to "Flashpoint" for some reason.

Aww, see the first episodes were rough, because they had to set up everything,and it's kind of a tough concept to explain. But the later episodes have paid off in a big way....and they also expanded to focus more on the other dolls as well, so it's not all Eliza all the time. In fact, this last episode, she really was barely in it.

Well, I can't watch it, thanks to DirecTV's stupid "no local channels" rule in my area. I should look to see if I can watch it online. It's just that I don't have time to watch much tv, although I have a dvr now. It's almost full of stuff I need to finish watching, like Leverage and Nip/Tuck.

You can watch it online at Hulu's Dollhouse Channel, but they only carry the last 5 or 6 episodes. Same at Fox's website. Which sucks. :( Although I'm sure it can be downloaded from somewhere.

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