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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I hadn't seen this clip from the next SPN episode yet....and holy fuckballs!!

First, whoa Sammy! The people who are into Whumped Sammy will have a field day with this one, even though it's all a hallucination on Sam's part.

Second....when Sam was begging in the beginning when he was on the table...*sniff*. You've been pissing me off the last few weeks Sammy, but I don't want that for you!!

Third..what a turnaround for Dean! Season two, he can't live without Sam for 3 days, now he's all, "If he dies, at least it'll be as a human." *shudder*

And lastly, who on the staff has a Jared tied down kink? Cause I swear, between season three and this season, he's been strapped down to a table or tied down a few times! Let's see....he was tied spread eagle to the ground in Dream a Little Dream, strapped down to a table in Time Is On My Side, strapped to a table in Jump the Shark, and now this.

Someone on staff has a Sammy bondage kink...and I approve!!

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I'm guessing Sera, just off the top of my head. *g*

Hee! But then wouldn't he be naked while strapped down? And crying? LOL!

LOL! Good point. Although there has been some crying there has not been nearly enough naked with the strapped down.

OUCH, MY POOR SAMMY!! *whimpers and rocks back and forth*

These episodes are breaking my heart!!!

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