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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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chris mens journal
I think I need to avoid TWoP and IMDB for a while--or maybe just episode reactions in general no matter where they are posted--cause it bums me out to see that a lot of people hated last nite's ep, were bored by Jimmy and Castiel, think Misha sucks, hate Castiel now, etc.

*pouts* I thought it was all brilliant, but I guess I need to remember that we can't all think like me. I mean, people raved about the episode where they were the tech workers, and I thought it was duller than watching paint dry. I couldn't delete it from my DVR fast enough. But everyone else loved it, so....

So yeah, I liked it, I think it was probably one of the best episodes of the season in terms of *not* revolving around Sam and Dean (which honestly, I don't need anymore from this show the way I used to, I think.)I think I liked On The Head of a Pin a little better from a Castiel standpoint, just because I'm a sucker for the whole doubting angel stuff, but in terms of Misha this episode blew me away.

So I hope Misha only reads the good online reactions! Cause from interviews it sounded like he was excited for the ep, and I would hate to think he thinks we all hated it. I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT!! :D

ETA: And one thing I especially loved about last nite's episode...

I loved how what Jimmy did at the end *completely* trumped and pwned Dean's deal....even though they both kinda ended up in hell (different hells, but hell nonetheless.) Dean's sacrifice was born out of selfishness (let's face it, it was. It was because he couldn't live without Sam) and Jimmy's was born out of the complete opposite--out of the love for his daughter.

So, I kinda loved all the parallels between Jimmy and Dean, and all of that.

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I love Misha and I like Castiel, but I just thought that Jimmy's story wasn't a big surprise. It was pretty much what I had imagined his vessel would be like. I did feel really sorry for him at the end when he was begging Castiel to use him instead of Claire.

And speaking of that, won't the demons be after Claire now? She's a vessel too.

I do wonder why they changed the original treatment, because originally Jimmy found church to be creepy and all of that. So I wonder why they changed that--maybe they thought it was too much story to tell?

I think you have to look at the pieces as a whole, and not separately. The flashbacks are there to show how different it used to be--Jimmy was so excited to have been chosen, and yet when he gets out, he's all "Sod off, Castiel!" So I think that entire story was important, including the flashbacks, to show that this is costing *everyone*, not just Sam and Dean. And to show that even fighting for the side of good as a major downside--that even your faith can be turned on you in the end, and God might just f you over as much as Lucifer. So in the end, you've got to pick the lesser of two evils.

Which I thought was a good statement for the show to make--I mean, just that it fits along with everything the show has been evolving to, that there isn't a clear cut line between good and evil. I think they needed the Jimmy story to show that, because Sam and Dean are both kind of tainted by their experience when it comes to that stuff.

Yeah, I do wonder about Claire. I don't know that the demons will come after her since all the demons who know she was a vessel are dead(as nobody outside of the warehouse knows about it) but I do wonder if Jimmy's deal really *did* free her. Like Castiel said, it's in the blood because she is Jimmy's daughter (and I so wonder what *that* means...are we gonna get into Nephilim territory? That would be awesome!) so I would think that at some point--maybe not now, maybe in the future--angels are going to need vessels again, and we know she can be one. Or is that blood thing just tied to Castiel--ie, only Castiel can possess that particular bloodline or whatnot, so she will be free because Castiel won't need a meatsuit. And, what did he mean that Jimmy would never age or die? Does he mean only as long as Castiel is inside him, or *ever*? Does he have to always remain alive to be Castiel's vessel a thousand years from now, or is Castiel saying this war might be so damn big that it could take thousands of years to complete?

See, I think we've just scratched the surface of Castiel's story, and we needed Jimmy's story because as his vessel, Jimmy's story is now a part of Castiel's story. Jimmy's story is just one part of what I suspect is a huge, intricate LOTR-esque story of Castiel.

And I can't wait to find out more!

Edited at 2009-05-01 04:08 pm (UTC)

I've always loved the angel mythology so I would love it if they got into Nephilims.

Yeah, I wonder if they'll go there, since the angels seem to be so anti fallen angels, and that's a big part of Nephilims.

There are just so many questions still as to why it was Jimmy, so I hope they don't cop out and refuse to explain or explore it more!

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