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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Running SPN commentary...
chris mens journal

*Hee--Dean is dreaming of fishing in the same pond from Dead in the Water. Same dock even! In my fanwank, he's dreaming of being back with Andrea and Lucas.

*Castiel did not go willingly! They forced him out.

*Jimmy! Awww! And I love how Misha uses his real voice as Jimmy. And he obviously didn't want Castiel to leave, since he was all, "No!" when he woke up.

*The eating! LOL! Hee, Misha brings the funny!

*Awww...Jimmy the family man.

*Castiel is talking to Jimmy--guess he's not special! Get a clue Cas, we can't all hear you!!

*And now Feisty Jimmy!! He's done!

*And here we go...Sam and Ruby. Bleh. Or Ruby's blood anyway. I hope Jimmy busts him! Or wakes up Dean and tattles!

*Sam the meth addict, I see. *eyeroll*

*How did Jimmy buy a ticket? Does Castiel carry cash?

*Whoa, so now Jimmy is special? Castiel is testing him? Hmmm.....

*Hee--Dean and Anna are funny. And Ginormo? It's Ginormotron, Jensen!

*Awww.....this is sad, ya'll. Now I know why Jimmy is done with it.

*Sheesh, Cas, I know you didn't have emotions, but cut the kid a break!

*Awwww....I love this episode! And Misha's totally getting a chance to shine!

*Oh, Sam shut up. Drink your own blood.

*Awww...he's lost his faith.

*I'm crying because I'm sad, Jimmy!

*Oh no...ack!! Demons!

*Dean and Sam save the day...well, Dean.

*Poor Jimmy. This can't end well for him.

*Misha, you're breaking my heart with this episode.

*That...wasn't much of a forever goodbye to your kid.

*Oh no...I knew Mom was possessed! Dammit!

*Dean, make up your mind. You want Sam using it, or you don't.

*You know, if the demons know or suspect that Ruby's blood makes Sam strong, why don't they just gank Ruby?

*Angry Jimmy! I have a feeling Cas will pop back in him right about now...

*Maybe Cas will possess the daughter...

*He did! LOL! Yay!

*Oh, now Sam is a fucking vampire for real? Gross! Although it isn't just Ruby's blood, I see...

*Of course, unless Jimmy dies this doesn't really clear the way for Cas to be in there next season...

*He's dying! Nooooooooo.

*OK wait, does this mean Jimmy is still in there, he's just locked with Castiel?

*Noooooooooo...Castiel is mean again!! What did they do to him?? I want fic!!

*Although, this does take care of what people at TWoP were worrying about today, that Cas would become the new Ruby--simpering and spineless. Guess not!

*Is it just me, or is this ep having an excessive amount of commercials? It seems like half the ep is commercials! There were definitely not this many commercials during Smallville. That ep kinda took forever and I was waiting for commercials. This ep has a commercial every two seconds! Do Not Approve!!

*Dude, they're so trapping Sam! LOL!