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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Six degrees of separation....
chris mens journal
If you're watching the NBC News, there's a story coming up tonite about a letter that got delivered 65 years after it was mailed.

The person who wrote the letter is my co-worker's mother. My co-worker was telling us about this a few weeks ago, and now it's on the NBC Nightly News!!

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Wow! There was a story about a postcard turning up recently after about 45 years, but this is much more spectacular. I think the writer and receiver of the postcard had both died, too, so it was more mysterious.

This is very cool.

That's insane!!! Cool :D

I just saw the news report and when they said Columbus Ohio...I immediately thought of you...ur the only person I know who has that geographic connection..


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