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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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Oh. My. Fing GOD!!!!!
chris mens journal
Look at this--I mean, the very beginning of the extended Glee trailer:


Dude, that's my hometown!! NOBODY HAS EVER HEARD OF LIMA!! And now Glee is gonna be set there??? I've been looking forward to this show for months, and I just now find out it's set in my hometown????

LOL! I'm stunned!!

For the record, we didn't have a McKinley High.

ETA: Quick Google tells me the creator of the show says: "I set the show in Lima because I am from Indiana, and would visit Lima as a kid," he said in a written release. "Also, I was obsessed with a series of tornados that roared through that area when I was little. My relatives would always talk about that."

Hahah...yes, we did have tornados. He must have been right on the border, cause we used to go to Ft Wayne to go shopping all the time, and it's about an hour away.

Man, now I'm worried that I won't be able to suspend disbelief when watching the show, because, you know, I KNOW Lima. So I'll know it's NOT Lima.

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Haha--well, you're from Ohio, you don't count! LOL! I mean, people outside of Ohio. I mean, I keep waiting for Supernatural to set an ep there because hell...Kripke's from Ohio, and Lima's only like an hour away from Toledo where he grew up, but the bastard picks every other city in Ohio except Lima!

So I was just stunned that they'd pick Lima for a TV show. I mean, the only fame Lima ever gets is 1)being the former home of the prison for the criminally insane, and 2)Phyllis Diller and Hugh Downs of 20/20 were from there.

I know! I just about fell off the couch! I mean, usually when something is set in Ohio, it's Cleveland, or Columbus. Not freakin' Lima!

Wow, my mother and her entire side of the family are from LIMA. I've even been there...TWICE...it's the flatest place I ever saw until I got to Nebraska.

Haha--yeah, not a lot of hills there, that's for sure! Now that I think about it...I'm not sure there is one hill there! Natural ones, anyway.

I've never heard of this show, but now I totally want to watch it just because of the Lima angle. I used to live in a small town just north of Lima (Ottawa), and Lima is the only place to go to do... anything.

Heheh--yeah, it's funny to think that Lima is the center of...well, anything! But yeah, it was the place with the biggest mall which drew in people from the outlying areas. And then those of us from Lima would go to Ft. Wayne or Findlay (their mall had carpet inside, which I thought was odd, and Ft Wayne's mall had a skating rink in it) to feel like we were getting an exciting shopping experience!

I heard about it because Phil Koegen (from TAR) is riding his motorcycle around there right now and twittered about it today :)

Around Lima? Why would he be riding in a boring town like Lima OH? Are you sure he wasn't talking about Lima Peru? That seems like a more TARish city....

ETA: Oh, I see, he's doing that Ride Across America thing. He's actually--according to his website--in my current neck of the woods! LOL! I hope he's not actually riding down Powell Rd at midnite. He will get run over. We don't brake for cyclists here in Columbus.

Edited at 2009-04-29 03:49 am (UTC)

I went O_O when I saw Lima! First thing that comes to mind for me is Old Barn Out Back. Mmmmm......been many years back, but still remember how neat it was, and the food was AWESOME!

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