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Shannen's Heap o'Random Babblings

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angry chris
That really just happened on Heroes???????????


*head explodes*

ETA: *claps* aelora is smart!!! LOL! She called that story this morning!

Although, I think it's the dumbest idea ever(not storywise, I mean...just a dumb idea for Angela and all of them to have), and how are we gonna have ZQ back? I'm not interested in a Sylar-less Heroes, people. We tried that in Season 2 (I mean, ZQ was there, but Sylar was neutered) and it was awful!

ETA: On the other hand, maybe we're going back to season 1 with a new company? I can dig that, but we need Sylar!

Now THAT was a season finale, kids! Because I have no idea where we're going from here in Volume 5.

WTF? How many fucking lives is Ali Larter going to have on this show??? This is like her 15th character!! As soon as I saw that water, I was like "God. Fucking. Dammit!" because I thought it was the return of Traci, just in melted form. But no, now she's probably a whole freakin new character!

Ooh, but I like how the Sylar is creeping out of Nathan!

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I know! I'm freaking out!!

I can't believe Nathan is dead!! I mean, I heard a long time character was gonna die, but I assumed it was gonna be Pointless!Matt, or Barely!Pointy!Ando! not Nathan!

That was awesome!!! I was not expecting the Sylar-is-Nathan thing at all!!

It seemed so crazy (plus ZQ is so crazy popular that I wouldn't think they'd take him out of the story for a while) but aelora totally called it this morning as a theory, and she was totally right! *boggles*

But I did like how for the next chapter, Sylar begins to bleed back out into Nathan, with the clock thing and all.

No, its Tracy. Returning for revenge. They've been saying she didn't die.

And obviously the personality of Sylar/Gabriel is just too powerful to keep down. He'll reach the point where he's realized what they've done and play along until he gets his revenge.

Ahh, I see. I thought maybe it was the third one (cause there was three of them, right? Nikki/Jessica, Tracy, and then a third one, I thought.)

I love how creepy that was at the end, with the clock and Nathan being all Sylar-esque. This is such a terribly bad idea that Angela and HRG had....it's going to blow up and be insane-o!

Is it time for Volume 5 yet???

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